June           Construction Authorization was obtained
July            Preparing the lot for construction site opening
August        Opening  the construction site
September    Starting the works for the slurry walls
October       Working in progress for the slurry walls
November     Finalizing the slurry walls
December     Finalizing the excavations and starting the works for structure


January - July        Works for structure in progress
July - October      Works for facade, installations and electrics in progress


BVO is completed rented. MDM Legal, Amway, Nis, Dalkia, Expert RoInvest, VH Electronic, SOFA are successfully accommodated in the beautiful building. SOFA restaurant & bistro-café located at ground floor and demibasement of the building it's welcoming its tenants from early morning to late evening for breakfast's, business lunches, dinners and events. See you at SOFA, at BVO!
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