Situated in Northern Bucharest on one of the most appreciated boulevards of capital city, with easy access to all transportation options and close to both Henry Coanda and Baneasa international airports, BVO has been designed to accommodate modern business uses.
BVO incorporates efficient flexible design, construction and building services that combine to provide a healthy, high-quality and high-performance working environment with the added advantages of energy efficiency.
The building provides 3,600 sqm of high quality space distributed on ground, 6 upper floors and two basement levels, out of which 2,000 sqm are dedicated to A class office space.
BVO also provides a number of amenities: a classy restaurant and a modern cafeteria.
Practical completion is expected for the end of 2011. The design features include a completely glazed energy efficient exterior. Floor to ceiling glass ensures panoramic views on Verdi’s Park and natural lighting.
The project is being developed by the Expert RoInvest team, in charge of the development, construction management and leasing management.


BVO Facts

Modern design ensures highly efficient occupancy. Tenants can rent less space to accommodate the same number of people compared to an inefficient building.
Energy efficient glass curtain walls not only look stunning but also minimize the energy costs. Less heating energy in winter less cooling in summer. The excellent natural light means tenants won't need electric lighting on as much compared to buildings that have standard windows.
Energy efficient building machinery will lower energy bills when operating and reduce the maintenance bills, compared to cheaper machinery. This will result in lower service charges.
Good design and excellent interior finishes make it a pleasant environment for the tenants and their employees to occupy. A building that everyone can feel proud to work in, as well as being highly representative.



The structure comprises a ground floor with 6 upper floors, and two underground floors. The open reinforced concrete frame has one central core. It allows the glass curtain wall to offer excellent natural lighting.


  • Storey height: 3.45m minimum floor to floor.
  • Finished floor to ceiling height:  2.70 m minimum on upper floors

The building is constructed of reinforced concrete and steel.


The building is clad in fire resistant Stopsol super silver glass. This product is highly energy efficient with a K value of (2.7 W(m2K)


The service core allows for vertical access of building machinery, utilities, as well as two emergency accesses.

The flat roof is lined against water ingress. It is accessed by a separate staircase from the 6th floor. The air treatment machinery for the whole building as well as the separate ventilation system for each floor is housed here. Chillers are to be found here.

The two basement levels provide space for storage. In addition to this they accomodate some of the building machinery including the electrical transformer and ventilation and heating systems. The basement also houses the water tanks for both fire protection and the ’wet blocks’.



  • Restaurant  on ground floor with catering services
  • Cafeteria in the semi basement
  • ATM Cash Machine


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